This is a personal site of Katia Txi – I am an architectural interior designer and photographer, working worldwide and dedicated to the Spirit of Adventure in all my endeavors! Here you may follow my inspirations, latest works and thoughts on the World today. Thank you for visiting!


I think in White, and feel In Colour, and everything I do is due to my immense curiosity for the World and the People.

I aim to live through all of my inspirations by personally experiencing the different facets of Life, allowing myself to form an individual opinion, without judging anyone else’s.

I believe that every Man’s goal is to evolve and strive to a greater spiritual awareness and, thus, I believe that the human Soul is our most important guide in this remarkable and breathtaking journey back home – towards Happiness.

My Work

I am a practising architectural interior designer (INCHBALD School of Design, London, UK), photographer and Master of Traditional Feng-Shui (Yap Cheng Hai Academy, Malaysia) – these three stems of my work compliment each other to provide my Clients with a bespoke solution for their habitat, reflecting their personal style through conceptual and personalised design, and ensuring a harmonious living through the balance of energies in the space that surrounds them. Working in mainly residential sector, I also enjoy taking up commercial projects as it always allows to twist one’s creativity a step further.

Born in Moscow, raised in Washington, D.C., having worked and lived in Madrid, and currently based in London I can certainly say that my life and work are international, and I consider myself a Citizen of the World.

Because of my constant hunger for knowledge and belief that one is responsible for their own development and growth in all possible ways – inside and out – I am also a practicing fitness and nutrition consultant (by ISSA), and gladly share my own story of working towards a better health and wellbeing (physical and spiritual) with others through seminars, lectures and forums.

In my “previous life” I worked as a senior executive in one of the large global financial structures – years that have formed me as a leader and a successful manager, giving me the experience so crucial in any type of work and a solid understanding that the most important “asset” of any enterprise, large or small, are it’s People.


Emotions inspire me, and to experience them – I go a long way. I sail, do athletics, mountain-climbing, dive, ski, and try to challenge myself with any activity that would make me feel different from my every-day self.

Singing is how I communicate the strongest of my emotions, and I invite to you to listen to some of my tracks that are published in my Photography and Mood.:.Sensation White section.

And the greatest passion of all is travel. For me it is the only way to keep things in perspective and remind myself just how broad the World is and how relative everything becomes when you change the angle of your view. “See this world, before the next one” – a phrase I once read that stuck, summing it up for me quite precisely.

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